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10 / 11 / 2020:
TarcMTS, il sistema Fairseq multi-task associato al nostroarticolo WANLP 2020 é disponibile

11 / 10 / 2020:
Articolo accettato al workshop internazionale WANLP 2020 (The Fifth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop)

Seq2Biseq - Bidirectional Output-wise Recurrent Neural Networks for Sequence Modelling

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Seq2Biseq tool is the software used for the paper Seq2Biseq: Bidirectional Output-wise Recurrent Neural Networks for Sequence Modelling. It replaces, extends and improves the previous tool LD-RNN, used for the paper Label-Dependencies Aware Recurrent Neural Networks.
Seq2Biseq is coded in pytorch and it follows the same research trend as our previous papers, where a bidirectional output-side context is used for current decision. A schema of the high-level architecture is shown in the following image.
Seq2Biseq model architecture

The idea is similar to those used in Deliberation Networks, and Asynchronous bidirectional networks for Machine Translation.


  • Bidirectional backward-forward decoding


Please send me an email @univ-grenoble-alpes for now.

I'm going to git the tool.


Seq2Biseq is provided under Creative-Commons BY-SA licence

Installation and usage

See the README file in the package.