Marco Dinarelli with his first journal publication in a IEEE review Marco Dinarelli
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LIG (UMR 5217)
Office 327
700 avenue Centrale
Campus de Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France

marco [dot] dinarelli [at] univ-grenoble-alpes [dot] fr
marco [dot] dinarelli [at] gmail [dot] com

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Latest news

2022 / 08 / 30:
Wav2Vec 2.0 models fine-tuned for SLU on MEDIA and FSC, used in our TALN 2022 and Interspeech 2022 papers, available here

2022 / 06 / 15:
Paper accepted at the International conference Interspeech 2022

2022 / 06 / 14:
At the French-German workshop on AI in Paris, INRIA-Roquencourt

Fine-tuned w2v2 models for the Interspeech 2022 paper

Downloadable w2v2 models fine-tuned for SLU on MEDIA and FSC, used for the Interspeech 2022 paper.
See here for extracting features

Wav2Vec 2.0 models fine-tuned for SLU

Model description Link
W2V2-Fr-7K-large fine-tuned on MEDIA for SLU Download
XLSR-53-56K fine-tuned on FSC for SLU Download